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JYC EDUCATION -Your Journey Companion-

"We are your best companion when you think about studying abroad. JYC Education offers the best services for All Students who are going to explore UK Schools and Even Other Universities in the world. We will help you since step one until final. One of The Best Reason why we are number one is that you will never feel alone or uncomfortable when you are thousand miles far away from home as our professional team with high experience will Take care of you just like your family member! We have the JYC team who will be based in the UK and be your 24 hours assistant whenever you need us for whatever matter. Our duty is to ensure that your life in the UK will be full of fun, joy, safety and convenience on every single day!"

Vicky, Head of JYC

Our Courses and Services



49 Arthray Rd, Botley, Oxford OX2 9AD, UK

+44 7360 216055

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